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Business and Industry

The California Economic Strategy Panel publishes annual reports on business and industry measures for Caliornia's regions. The 5-county Southern California economic region is the largest in the state, with almost half its population and jobs (48% and 47% in 2006 figures). Total employment including farm jobs grew 7% and the average annual wage grew 22.9% in 2001-2007. Total nonfarm jobs grew 19.7% from 1995-2008, but declined by 4.5% from March 2008-2009 with the recent economic downturn. The number of establishments grew 28.9% (2001-2007) while Gross Domestic Product for this region grew by 51.2% (2001-2006).

Small businesses (<50 employees) make up 96% of all businesses in the 5-county Southern California economic region, and are vital to our region's economic sustainability. This region received 84 Small Business Innovation Research grants worth more than $24 million in 2008. In 2006 figures, firms with less than 100 employees represented 98% of all businesses, and provided 56% of all jobs in the region. By comparison, firms with 500 or more employees made up 0.2% of all businesses and provided 17% of all jobs. In terms of business growth by firm size, the smallest firms (0-4 employees) experienced the most rapid growth in 2001-2006, with the number of jobs increasing by 26% and the number of firms by 36% over this period.

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